Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello again

O.k folks I have fingered it out and I am back in business. I have been away for a while tending to my pazzo life and finding out slowly that I am not the least bit techno savy. Oh well I say good thing I am a painter because things haven't changed to drastically in many many many years. More to come soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My day

I smiled all the way to school today. I was on the bus surrounded by people in slouchy boots and striped sweatshirts. One lady had a small diamond ring on her finger. I was listening to Sade and watching the huge grey clouds go by. It is now 2:58 in the afternoon and I have a while before my next class. My rain boots are propped up on the models platform and I can here the metal grate of the heater fan shaking. Every once in a while I witness a passing conversation or a pair of tennis shoes sliding across the uneven surface of the concrete outside this studio. The floor in here looks like an expressionist painting. Zig zag outlines of gessoed canvases or big splatters and spills of pink. Every time I come in here I transfer someone else's mistake to a different part of the room. I am waiting for the gesso to dry on the entirely too slippery surface of the paper I have decided to use for our first assignment. An assignment that is entitled Still Life/ Architectural Interior Innovation. An advantageously open ended interpretation of three ideas 1. representation 2. Reduction and 3. Addition. I'll update as the term goes on. I need coffee. I am off to wonder campus and finally end my day with Italiano and maybe a hot bath when I get home. Candles sound nice too. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maps me where to go and where not to go.  They provide an extensive look at an area of the world. They give me elevations and approximations of space and objects. Basic routes and modes of travel are outlined and condensed for easy viewing. What would my internal mapping look like. How much elevation does my heart have and what is the quickest route to my liver. What cartographic imagery would represent my anger and anxiety? Could it be referenced horizontally and what are the procedures for obtaining the data? The procedure for gathering information is simple but the act of relaying the information in a way in which other people can read it and perhaps traverse it becomes difficult.  Here is an example of my emotional map. 

Pink- intense feeling of affection
Black- physical suffering or discomfort
Blue-false ideas or beliefs
White-feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
Grey-a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing
Red-showing sorrow or regret

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I want to vent with a vengeance. My thoughts and feelings need to be exposed to the air. I have an opportunity here and a means of escape. I don't have a safe passage through the holes of the drain I stare down at. Where would I go anyways? Where do the squandered
 parts of our lives go? Is there some holding tank that I would seep into? Is there an opening for me at the breech of a gun where the fire is touched to the powder? I guess I really don't want to know the answer to THAT question. I just want to drain the arrangement of my creative artistic appearance....I need to disclose something well thought over and reserved for a special occurrence. I am implying that I would be parading my views in order to gain relief or
 commiseration. I might just dwindle............maybe even participate in gradual outflow or withdraw. If I vent or drain am I lessening markedly in quality, content value or maybe drizzling and emptying my principle substances. Sounds first-class to be able to exhaust, use up, bleed dry, tire out, fatigue, sap, pump out, and just drain myself. Or declare, escape, voice, ramble, rage, emit, utter and possibly