Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My day

I smiled all the way to school today. I was on the bus surrounded by people in slouchy boots and striped sweatshirts. One lady had a small diamond ring on her finger. I was listening to Sade and watching the huge grey clouds go by. It is now 2:58 in the afternoon and I have a while before my next class. My rain boots are propped up on the models platform and I can here the metal grate of the heater fan shaking. Every once in a while I witness a passing conversation or a pair of tennis shoes sliding across the uneven surface of the concrete outside this studio. The floor in here looks like an expressionist painting. Zig zag outlines of gessoed canvases or big splatters and spills of pink. Every time I come in here I transfer someone else's mistake to a different part of the room. I am waiting for the gesso to dry on the entirely too slippery surface of the paper I have decided to use for our first assignment. An assignment that is entitled Still Life/ Architectural Interior Innovation. An advantageously open ended interpretation of three ideas 1. representation 2. Reduction and 3. Addition. I'll update as the term goes on. I need coffee. I am off to wonder campus and finally end my day with Italiano and maybe a hot bath when I get home. Candles sound nice too. 


  1. I love the way your descriptions make me see, that I need to slow down and enjoy the ride- just a little bit more. A little more reduction and a little more addition?

  2. Think of the histroy of art. Representation, then abstraction or reduction then contemporarily abstraction with new additions.