Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I want to vent with a vengeance. My thoughts and feelings need to be exposed to the air. I have an opportunity here and a means of escape. I don't have a safe passage through the holes of the drain I stare down at. Where would I go anyways? Where do the squandered
 parts of our lives go? Is there some holding tank that I would seep into? Is there an opening for me at the breech of a gun where the fire is touched to the powder? I guess I really don't want to know the answer to THAT question. I just want to drain the arrangement of my creative artistic appearance....I need to disclose something well thought over and reserved for a special occurrence. I am implying that I would be parading my views in order to gain relief or
 commiseration. I might just dwindle............maybe even participate in gradual outflow or withdraw. If I vent or drain am I lessening markedly in quality, content value or maybe drizzling and emptying my principle substances. Sounds first-class to be able to exhaust, use up, bleed dry, tire out, fatigue, sap, pump out, and just drain myself. Or declare, escape, voice, ramble, rage, emit, utter and possibly